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patchwork dreams and popcorn skies…

I bought a very interesting crafty book the other night at barnes and noble called Pretty Little Patchwork. It’s a collection of patchwork sewing projects from a handful of well-known and new craft bloggers. I’ve been interested in quilting and patchwork projects lately without a solid idea of what exactly I wanted to do or where to start. I was initially drawn to the picture on the cover and the fabrics used in the various projects inside. They are decidedly more modern and useful patterns than most of the ones you tend to see in craft books, not that I’m totally against all traditional projects – I think that they have their own special place – I just don’t like the idea of spending so much time on a project that doesn’t seem to fit my style/decor/etc. I want to make things that I will want to use and look at and appreciate even after I’ve spent all my free time constructing them, not throw in a corner and forget about. And there are actually useful things in this book! Like cute little patchwork sachets, placemats, clutches and lovely belts! Just look at a couple of the examples from the back of the book:

Pretty Little Patchwork, back cover

I can say that I’ve already pegged some things as possible house-warming/birthday/Christmas gift possibilities. I’m also excited about the clearness of the instructions, at first glance it looks like a lot of the projects are a good options for a beginner and not quite as time consuming as a gigantor life-size quilt would be. Since I have no experience with patchwork I think it’s a good place to start… I’m excited to make something lovely for myself, and now I’m off to peruse the fabric selections online for something just right to start my patchwork escapades with. Ta-ta for now!


April 3, 2008 at 8:26 pm 3 comments