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Crate cover

I finished this crate cover for Maggie a couple months ago and forgot to share!  We were using Adam’s old blanket from I don’t know when to cover her crate for a long time and I couldn’t stand it anymore so I decided to whip one up on my own.  I used a fairly cheap quilting cotton from Joanne’s that was black with little white paw prints all over it and appliqued her name on top in lime green with white polka dots to make it fun.  This is my first and only attempt at applique and while it went pretty smoothly, it definitely took longer than expected – thank goodness we kept her name to six letters!


Horrible old blanket of doom


Mom! I'm not ready for my close-up!

Here’s a close-up of the applique – I used a tutorial from one of my favorite blogs, Sew Mama Sew , that was really helpful for a beginner.  If you’re thinking of trying your first applique check it out for some crystal clear instructions!

My first applique ever!


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Houses and Puppies and Crafts… Oh My!

I’ve been on hiatus from the blogging world for most of this year and the guilt has finally gotten the best of me.  I do have some good excuses though: getting used to married life, going on an awesome Costa Rica honeymoon, holidays, BUYING OUR FIRST HOUSE (yay!), moving in February, decorating – which is a perpetual work in progress, and on top of all that in April we adopted a boxer-lab mix puppy who we named Maggie. 

Zip Lines in Costa Rica!

Zip Lines in Costa Rica!

Shiny New House!
Shiny New House!
Maggie Moo!

Maggie Moo!

It’s actually Magpie, but we call her Maggie or Maggie Moo most of the time.  She has the sweetest disposition in the world and is learning her manners very quickly; we’re already done with our first puppy class.  So we are officially a happy little family now.
Since things are starting to calm down, or I’m starting to get better at time management, I want to try to return to the blogmosphere and start sewing and crafting again.  I never completely stopped but I did get sidetracked and I definitely fell into blog silence.  I hosted a scrapbook party with my Creative Memories rep Mindy in June and had several friends who were interested in starting an album.  The party inspired me to host a scrapbook day for some friends a couple weekends ago.  We listened to music and had snacks and got to be crafty for a whole Sunday afternoon, it was a lot of fun and will definitely be happening again in the near future. 
I’ve also been working on a crate cover for Maggie.  Right now we are using one of Adam’s old blankets on top of her crate and I do NOT love it.  So I found some cute black fabric with little paw prints all over it and decided to attempt to appliqué her name on the top in a lime swiss dot print.  I’ve never appliquéd before so I’m using a tutorial that I found on the Sew Mama Sew blog and things are going well so far, everything has been cut out and fused, now it’s time to start stitching down the letters so I can sew the whole cover together and figure out how I want to finish the edges – wish me luck!
That’s all I know today, ciao for now!

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