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the un-post

This is not really a post… it is a brief late night shout to remind all of my lovely blog friends that I’m still alive over here.

It seems that the wedding planning that seemed to be so seriously easy and non-time consuming seemed so because A) I had been delaying starting some things at the appropriate wedding-planning-bible instructed times and B) I was blissfully ignorant of the fact that I was rapidly approaching the “LESS THAN 3 MONTHS LEFT” mark. I have now said hello to the 3 month milestone, I waved at it as it whooshed by a week or so ago. I must say things are still very under control and not at all insane, but I do have some decisions to make and projects to work on in the next few weeks. I think that for me, having a deadline that is actually visible on the calendar makes it easier to complete things without getting so easily distracted. Shocking, I know. I should also point out that this timeline is also mostly driven by my mother who, to use her own words “doesn’t want to be doing everything in August”. Take note that the wedding is at the end of September so there will definitely be things done in August, and probably September too. Being the good daughter that I am, I’m trying to do as much as possible early to ease my mother’s mind and come September I’m sure I’ll be looking back and thanking myself for it, so everyone wins. 🙂

Hmmm, other than that I have a couple crafty things in the works… to be posted when I actually complete some/one of them… I also have been seriously busy at work, reading my blogroll, watching reality tv and finishing my latest book. Gotta love those crazy Europeans.

On that note, it seems like time for bed again. Goodnight moon.


July 2, 2008 at 10:43 pm 4 comments

I am a palindrome – and proud of it :-)

Palindromes are fun… basically, they are spelled the same forwards and backwards.  Some people take this too far, such as the person who wrote: “As I pee, sir, I see Pisa!”.  But it still makes me chuckle 🙂

The apartment cleaning was a success, mostly thanks to my awesome m0nky, who helped clean the kitchen and bathrooms and vacuumed and did all kinds of other wonderfully helpful things… thanks sweetie!  We had thirteen people over for dinner last night and since we had cleaned we had plenty of space for all of them.  Ginny brought awesome potatoes and jen brought green bean casserole and I roasted an elephant of a pork loin and wahoo, dinner!  That’s all for now folks! 

Please stay tuned for these important messages from our sponsors. 😛

April 2, 2008 at 10:32 am 3 comments